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Navajo 24" Tribal Black Bear Kachina.

Navajo 24" Tribal Black Bear Kachina

K437 - Navajo 24" Tribal Black Bear Kachina - Artist: F. Yazzie - Description: The Bear Kachina possesses the power and magic to overcome monsters and cure strange diseases. Along with the Badger, the Bear is one of the great doctors who knows all of the roots and herbs. This Tribal Kachina is hand crafted of wood covered in black fur with a dimensional face immulating a bear. It is exquisitely detailed with beaded tassels along each arm and around the waste. The Kachina is fabulously dressed in genuine suede and feathers. This Kachina measures 24" tall X 12" wide X 11" depth. It is securely attached to the base with wooden pegs, making it extremely sturdy. This Native American creation comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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