IWC watches launched the last flight special edition watch

seventy years ago, Anthony, Saint Paul, was flying over France over a reconnaissance plane. Today, the Schaffhausen replica IWC universal table launched three special limited edition wrist watch, to pay tribute to the famous pilots, writers of the last flight. IWC table of nations and St. Paul's descendants in the long years of the partnership also further sublimation. In addition, at the end of this year the brand will auction a platinum version of the pilot Chronograph "the last flight" special edition, all the income from the auction will be used to support the Anthony St Ives repair Youth Foundation Charity Bai li.

"the last flight" special edition platinum unique and distinguished, limited edition 17

July 31, 1944, Saint Exupery's reconnaissance plane over South over the mission, did not expect this flight has become his beloved flight career end point. After he took off from a military base on the island of Corsica, the lightning P-38 fighter, which he was driving, was soon lost. Because of their age, Saint Exupery has retired, he also somewhat overweight, and its height for crowded cockpit is too large. Nevertheless, the patriot and writer are always full of longing for adventure, and resolutely decided to carry out reconnaissance missions. In Toulon, France (Toulon), he was attacked by the German air force. It was not until 1998, when a fisherman caught a fish in a fishing boat near Marseilles, that he found the French national hero's wristband. Soon after, people from the sea to salvage the wreckage of the plane, and that is from Saint Exupery's plane. He was shot down by a German pilot who didn't know he was one of his favorite writers. A few years ago, the pilot for the first time to meet and even family. "The flying passion dominated the remains of his life, his works and his fate. Since 2006 IWC IWC and his descendants to cooperate, continue to launch limited edition pilot flight pioneer and the tribute to be not of the common sort of driver, let him in people's minds the impression has always been true to life ", IWC IWC chief executive Jochs said. Seventy years time, in order to commemorate the last flight of the Schaffhausen watch factory dedicated to Saint Exupery, launched three special tables with silicon nitride ceramic case: "the last flight pilots Chronograph" special edition. The operating member three watches respectively with titanium, gold or platinum building, all the tables are limited edition.

  "the last flight" special edition tribute flying legend

Saint Exupery

adhering to tradition, fulfilling social responsibility

in November this year, there will be a platinum pilot chronograph watch the last flight special edition watches at Sotheby's auction held in Geneva. As in the past, IWC will put all the proceeds from the IWC into Saint Exupery Youth Foundation, dedicated to spreading the great French humanitarian thought.