The launch of the Engineer II Magneto S ball watch watch

with the constant pursuit of innovation and create extraordinary mechanical watch technology concept, Bohr table (Ball Watch) announced the launch of a grand revolutionary equipped with A-PROOF® Engineer II Magneto S antimagnetic device model.

years, Ball Watch is dedicated to the research and improvement of mechanical watches magnetic technology. In fact, the accuracy of mechanical watches are easily affected by the ubiquitous magnetic fields of everyday life. Even if it is only for a short time to contact with the general artificial magnet, it may be possible to cause the automatic movement magnetization, and cause the movement to stop completely. According to the Swiss watchmaking industry recognized standards, the automatic watch must withstand at least 4800 A/m magnetic field, and the error is not more than 30 seconds a day, can be regarded as a "magnetic" function.

this year, Ball Watch launched a new concept of shock protection antimagnetic. A-PROOF® the device was invented by Ball Watch and patented to protect the mechanical movement of the watch through innovative technology. In order to prevent the movement of the machine from being affected by the magnetic field, the watchmaker must seal the core in a special protective shell. Ball Watch is a brand under various models has been developed especially antioxidant antimagnetic stainless steel protective shell with a special structure. Until recently, the magnetically shielded shell layer has been adopted to construct soft manufacturing, including a back splint and protection ring movement and dial. Be made in the shape of the soft shell, cleverly divert the magnetic field and prevent them from entering the movement, so the accuracy of watches to avoid adverse effects. This process can ensure the performance of the Ball Watch of each type of antimagnetic antimagnetic watch up to 12000 A/m.

this year, Ball Watch made a breakthrough again based on the antimagnetic technology. A-PROOF® an antimagnetic device in material and structure using the most sophisticated technology. Through the partnership with the Swiss top watch industry and micro technology in the field of Ball Watch selected a nickel alloy is never used in watchmaking (Mumetal) materials, applied to the development of the new magnetic protection device. Nickel alloy nickel (nickel), iron (iron), copper (copper) and molybdenum (molybdenum) alloy with very high permeability, and can attract the magnetic field lines and offset static or low frequency, relative to other than the magnetic reducing method effectively. This alloy is mainly for industrial, scientific research or manufacturing high-tech field magnetic shielding (magnetic shields), but also so that the watch comes with diamagnetic properties than the antimagnetic protective shell described above the soft. Amazing strength antimagnetic performance of nickel alloy can make the mechanical watch up to 80000 A/m.

in addition to the revolutionary use of new materials, Ball Watch engineers strive not to take